• Chris on the Issues

    As our next State Representative, Chris will fight for fiscal responsibility, limited government, promoting families, and protecting the unborn.


    Chris is pro-life, pro-growth, and pro-families.


    We can count on Chris to bring better jobs, better roads, and better insurance rates to District 34.

    Economic Growth and Job Creation

    Texans deserve a continued robust economy offering the freedom to work and achieve prosperity. Focusing on job creation with pro-growth principals, like reducing the tax burden and energy prices, with spending cuts on programs that are not functional, helps drive the private sector. These basic principals create a strong workforce and result in economic health for middle-class families.


    Every child in this state deserves access to whatever educational model best resonates with them and inspires learning, whether it’s through public schools, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools or homeschooling, State involvement must be minimal in this effort, with curriculum decisions and teaching methods best deferred to our local school boards, educators, and parents.

    Pro Life

    Chris Hale is 100% pro life. From the unborn to our growing population of elderly, as State Representative you can count on him to respect and defend the sanctity of life.